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NOTE: The following are non-technical projects. I don't really have a specific hobby but I enjoy making and creating random things. These are commonly as gifts or just to help somebody out.

D&D Game Master's Screen

When my group of friends started playing tabletop games together (D&D 5E specifically), one of my closest friends was acting as the Dungeon Master. He would have all his notes inconveniently hidden in his bag and so kept having to unhide and check them. Thus I decided to make him a DM screen to conveniently shroud his notes and make his life a lot easier going forward.

The build was very cheap using A4 balsa wood, hinges and neodymium magnets, the only complexity involved ensuring the hinges were placed in a fashion that the screen would fold back into a nice flat form factor. The magnets were used to keep the 3 sections together when flattened but also to act as a simple way to add/remove relevant documents to the 3 sections of the screen.

Vault Suit with working Pip-Boy and Props Halloween Costume

What happens when you get invited to a halloween party but only have a week to create a costume? The correct response would be to just buy or rent a costume, unfortunately I decided instead that I would put together a Vault Suit from the Fallout series of Games with a “working” Pip-Boy and various other prop items.

Vault Suit - Blue overalls I customised and upgraded with leather “armor” (sourced from an old hand bag), a security guards utility belt and yellow lettering and stripes that I had to sew onto the overalls.

Pip-Boy - The personal terminal device was basically a Raspberry Pi and a small LCD screen and button inputs for IO, with some simple software imitating the menus found ingame. The housing for the device was a PVC Pipe that was then built upon with foam and boards.

Props - Can Grenades, Bottlecaps, Game relevant Medicine/Drugs. Were the finishing touches to the costume but were also something to work on while other materials were being sourced.

The primary challenge of this project was the looming deadline meant sourcing items online was problematic with delivery estimates sometimes being given as over a week and so alternatives had to be sourced or made. The actual build itself was fun and meant working with your hands and many different materials such as the leather or cloth.

1000 Paper Cranes

My favourite couple (and some of my oldest friends) were getting married, they had asked me to be best man which was an amazing experience.

They are creative people and were planning to decorate and do everything their own way, one of the ideas they had was to decorate the tables and have some hanging decorations using paper cranes. This was going to take a lot of paper cranes, so without being asked I took it upon myself to start folding paper cranes whenever I had 10 seconds to spare and my hands were free. Jump forward to 2 weeks later when I drop off 1000 hand folded paper cranes, jump to several months later and we decorate the hall with them and some more we folded in between them.

Custom Scratch Post Repair

I have 2 Cats (Rox and Talulah). With cats comes claws and so unless you want your furniture or carpets destroyed then you generally have to invest in scratch posts for them to attack and maim. Scratch posts are strangely expensive considering they are primarily made out of cheap card, wood and rope. The most basic of scratch post is little more than a tube with a length of rope spooled around it, this rope is what the cat scratches and once this is scratched away and all tattered threads you would usually go out and buy a new one.

You can instead decide to pop to any hardware store and buy some lengths of sisal rope for £2-3 and replace the old rope yourself instead of spending £30 on a brand new scratch post.

This repair of a simple scratch post then led to the construction of other custom cat posts and upgrading some of the larger existing cat trees around the house. Saving money but more importantly keeping the cats happy.